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Flash Cartoons:

Scott Driving - Scott's normal day driving around in a car
You Win - a game of chance and strategy you cannot possibly lose
Burnout On Wayne - Dan doing a burnout on Wayne's head
Duck - Watch the duck
John Howard - John Howard getting what he deserves
2 Koalas and Fridge - 2 koalas and a a tree
Kid On A Swing - a kid on a swing gets a pleasant suprise
Simone Under a Cliff - Simone getting crushed while looking retarded
VL Calais crashing - a VL calais crashing into a tree
Free Grapes - Manuel has himself some grapes
Loser With a Gun - Some loser with a piece
Nathan getting axed - Nathan getting killed 5 times over
Get Your Licence Dave - When are you gonna get your licence dave
Personality Test - Take this quick and easy personality test
Ape Fighting Nathan - Ape fucks up Nathan, Dave cleans up

These are the cartoons about denver's cat tags:
Cat On The Ashtray - Manuel throwing denvers cat onto an ashtray at his place one time
Cat Getting Runover - speaks for itself
Cat Getting Bombed - well, its a cat, getting bombed
Cat Getting Sniped - someone sniping the cat with an awp
Cat Getting Set On Fire - Manuel setting the cat on fire
Cat Getting Poisoned - The cat getting poisoned
Cat on the Ashtray v2.0 - remake of the old cat on the ashtray
Cat tied to a rock - Manuel throwing a cat off a cliff which is tied to a rock